Dental Discounts

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Download our INFORMATIONAL HANDOUT about dental careDental DiscountsDid you know that "Doggy breath" is NOT normal - it is an indication of some degree of dental disease. Routine physical exams and professional dental cleanings, play a vital role in ensuring oral health.

It is important to note that while many places advertise dental cleanings, only those that can offer full service anesthetic cleaning and scaling can truly benefit your pet. General anesthesia is the only way to adequately perform a complete oral health assessment and treatment (COHAT).

In an effort to reduce the number of dental disease cases, we are offering 20% OFF all dental cleaning. Includes full service anesthetic cleaning, scaling, polishing, extractions and bloodwork.

Healthy Mouths leads to Healthier Lives

Good Dental Hygiene vs Poor Dental Hygiene

Download our INFORMATIONAL HANDOUT about dental care